What is your booking process?

Booking with us is simple! Click the 'Booking Form' link below.

To confirm your date, we require a 50% deposit confirmation and full balance two weeks prior to your event. Unfortunately we can no longer reserve/hold dates.

We do not offer refunds. With enough notice, date changes can be accepted, subject to availability.


Do you have a Menu?

Yes, we do! Please feel free to browse the Grazing Table, Grazing Box and Grazing Platter tabs at the top of this page.


Do you cater for Dietary Requirements and Allergies?

Yes, we do cater for various diets; Vegan, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Dairy-Free etc. Please fill in your requirements when booking and we will cater to these. We also welcome any special requests you may have- just let us know!


How long does the food stay fresh for?

Our produce is delivered fresh and kept in the best conditions before we get to you 

Our Grazing Table displays are best kept within a 4 hour time frame.

Please ensure the table you provide is situated in a cool and shaded area away form direct sunlight.

Grazing Platters and Boxes must be consumed within 24 hours.




Do you travel?


We are a London Based Company, SW16 and love to travel both UK and International. We have often travelled ranges of up to 6/7 hours for Larger events. In some cases it may not be possible to travel long distance for instance a small order. We consider each request individually so please do get in touch to discuss your event. 




How long do you need to setup?


We require a 1 hour time slot to allow offload and set up. A further 2 hours is required to allow for placing off food. This is entirely dependent on the size of graze, we will advise accordingly.


Do you provide tables?


We do not yet provide tables so you will need to provide this. We work alongside a variety of furniture hire companies and can provide recommendations for your booking. 



Do you stay On-Site, Refill and Clear Up?


The nature of Grazing Tables means that we do not have to Stay On-Site once the display is setup. The food provided is ample and adequate to feed guests in one sitting and is not proportioned to require a refill. We offer a Clear Up service at an additional cost.

Do you provide Cutlery, Plates and Napkins?

We provide biodegradable cutlery, plates and napkins at an additional cost, please enquire. 

Parking and Access

We will require access to parking for offloading equipment and food. If there will be any restrictions, please provide us with details when booking so we can plan in advance.

Are you insured and registered with the FSA?

YES, of course. We are fully compliant and registered food business. We hold all relevant required Food certifications and have achieved the highest 5* Food Hygiene Rating.

BERRY and Brie Social Media

We love to showcase and document our grazes and will take photographs and put them on our social media platforms. Please let us know in advance if you prefer us not to.

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