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Hey there,

I'm Mako

Welcome to The Graze School!

This is a fun and collaborative commnunity for creatives looking to turn their passion into great success.

I started Berry and Brie whislt working a full time professional job and with two young children. It was not easy to say the least.

My journey has taken me through some interesting experiences from taking on jobs in the morning before work, after work in the evenings, plus at the weekends.

Also totally pivoting my business model during the pandemic to an eccomerce setup and weathering so many changes.

All this taught me very fast how to grow and succesfully maintain a great client base and survive some of the toughest times. Whilst socials may show the highlight reel I am here to share with you the reality.

Knowledge is power and I am here so you can grow confidently and not make the mistakes I have along the way.

So here it is, THE GRAZE SCHOOL!

Workshops and Courses

Unlike any other platform you can be part of a supportive community dedicated to supporting you on your Graze Business Journey.

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