A well styled Grazing table will definitely be the talking point of your event and always are at every evert we have catered for. They really make a huge impact and are simply delicious and visually stunning.

So why should you choose a Grazing Table for your next event? 



1. Creative, Laid Back luxe, Informal Catering Style

Not too keen on a stiff sit-down dinner with set Menus and fixed seating plans? A Grazing table is a social style of catering which lends to a more casual and interactive setup. It allows your guests to have conversations and the freedom around your event plans. From fussy eaters to those that want a 3rd helping, there's no restrictions on your guests which takes away all awkwardness. There's also the excitement that comes form trying something new. 



2. Variety

Taking note of dietary requests and preferences is going to be one of your biggest take downs when you are catering for the crowd. From Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian etc you really want to make sure you have catered well for everyone. After all the food is the best part of any event. Great food = Happy guests. The Graze Table has a wide variety of produce and can be sectioned into areas for guests with specific preferences which is perfect etc. Graze Tables can cater specifically for Brunch, Canapes, Sweet, Savoury or both; the options are endless.



3. Luxe Vibes but yet Affordable

So you can literally have instagrammable catering at your event because Grazing Tables are that. That being said, the cost of this style of catering is still alot most cost effective per head in comparison to a full sit down meal including desserts too. Theres no wait staff or extra overheads required so you'll find that you will spend less overall. It means with budget you can incorporate addtional elements to really stun your guests - styled florals, tablescape equipment and even work to an overall theme if you want to go all out.



4. Super Flexible 

The thing I love is how flexible Grazing Tables are? No kitchen - not to worry as we don't need one. Have a very short setup time? No problem - we sometimes setup tables in less than an hour or even in minutes. There are so many way we can adapt to your event logistics and timings which is difficult with fixed sit down catering.




5. Stress and Fuss-Free

Everything is literally stress and fuss free. Once you have booked in, you can leave all the stress to us. We will be at the event location in good time, ready with everything required to create a Grazing table of your dreams. Your only job is to be the Host/ Bride/ Groom, ensure you are having fun whilst your guests graze away. You enjoy the event without fussing over plated service, tables cleared and all the fuss that comes with it all... the delight!



If you are in need of more convincing or have any questions, feel free to drop me a note and I will be happy to help.

Lots of grazey love 

Mako xx

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  • Kriti Chitturi : April 15, 2022
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    This post was so helpful! Thanks Mako for putting this together 🤍

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