Looking for the perfect centre piece for your Christmas party or something fun and festive to do on a winter’s evening? You really can't go wrong with cheese with festivities. This Christmas Wreath is a super simple Cheese appetiser that I love making each year. You can put together without much effort or stress that comes with the styling of a Cheese Platter. 


What you will need


I've used my favourite cheeses and festive garnishes from Waitrose this year to create this tasty showstopper, so why not build along with us. Feel free to mix and match with your favourite Cheeses - the key thing is to have fun with it. 

  • Yorkshire Wensleydale with Cranberry 
  • Boursin with Garlic and Herbs 
  • Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton
  • Moody's Rosary Ash 
  • Castello Extra Creamy Brie 
  • Truffle Saucisson Sec 
  • Norcella Olives
  • Cherry Peppers with Ricotta filling 
  • Damson and Apple Chutney 
  • Dried Figs 
  • Dried Cranberries 
  • Pistachios 
  • Cherries 
  • Raspberries 
  • Blackberries 
  • Fig, Plum, Cranberry & Wheat Biscuits
  • Miller's Elements Beetroot, Potato and Spinach Crackers 


 Let's get started... 


You will need a round chopping board or flat plate nothing less than 30cm diameter. The larger your base is, the more product you will need to make sure you have enough.

Tip: A white or lighter board/ plate will give you more visual impact.



Slice your cheeses and place them down evenly around the perimeter of your board. 



Add your chutney and dish of olives with red peppers. Don't be concerned about moving things around as you go along - there is no right or wrong.



Add crackers to the gaps left around the board. You can always keep the remainder in a plate on the side for your guests - theres never too many crackers. 



Slice the Truffle Saucisson Sec and fold salami. Add these both to the board. You can opt for Falafel if you want a meat-free version or completely skip this part. Tip: Red grapes can be used instead. 



With all the remaining gaps, add and layer Dried fruit, Fresh fruit, Nuts. This is the fun part where you place them around the wreath as you wish. Tip: Try to balance the produce equally around the wreath 



cheese wreath graze platter


VOILA and there you have it... Please share your creations on socials with us!




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