Christmas Note from Mako Ndoro, Founder of Berry and Brie


Christmas is an interesting time of the year. We all experience it differently right? For some it brings happiness, for others a time of reflection and for some of us, the pain of loved ones we could have been sharing it with.


For me it brings all three feelings in one. Something I really love about this time of year is the feeling of togetherness it brings. I love cooking and experimenting with recipes so Christmas is of course, always hosted at mine. I also love sharing meaningful food gifts with friends and family that they won't forget.  



grazing table with graze cups and cheese graze boxes, graze platters and graze boats. Made by london grazing caterer berry and brie



This Christmas, I have thoughtfully adapted our festive collection to let you experience the JOY good food can bring. Also so you can share this with your loved ones. My goal is to make life easy for you and take away the stress from hosting, planning your festive party or sending a thoughtful gift.


I look forward to sharing this JOY with you this Christmas. As always, THANK YOU so much for supporting our small business.



Lots of Grazey love 


Mako xx


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