When I founded Berry and Brie in September 2018, I didn’t have any customers. At the end of my second maternity leave I was in fact deeply contemplating and dreading my return to work in the city with juggling two young kids. What I did have was a good idea of who my customer was and how I was going to cater to their needs. By word of mouth; Box by box, table by table, the enquiries started to come through in their numbers. 


Fast forward 3 years, Berry and Brie is London’s go to Graze company. I'm so proud to now have an amazing team and supportive community both in the UK and worldwide. Let's just say the sleepless nights, juggling babies and work, hours of kitchen prep and the tears of both pain and joy have really paid off! Without you my dear friends, it really wouldn’t have been possible to be where I am.


So why the rebrand? Why change things up and start again?


The core of the new Berry and Brie brand is a clear direction of why we are here, who our community is and what good food means to us, our friends and family. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing displays or products. We are there with you for every milestone, occasion and celebration. Our food will create memories and experiences for you whether it be a small gift, intimate gathering or large celebration. Every element of our brand symbolises or represents something that comes together to express Berry and Brie.


Our website is the heart of our business and the last few years I have put this together on my own. Following the pandemic we shifted over to an e-commerce structure within weeks and have been desperately needing a website to meet the demands of a full on hand-delivery business. This mammoth task was way out of my capacity and beyond my DIY attempts, so the professionals have come in. They have built us a stellar website with dazzling features to enhance your shopping experience with us and make this place feel like home.


The Berry and Brie brand looks will change over the next few weeks as we switch over to our new identity across all platforms. We have a new logo, colour scheme, fonts and artful touches. Our core values and how what we are to you all wont change. Instead these changes will bring better and brighter options for you all.


So let’s cut the cheese.. Come on in Berry and Brie friends



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