The Graze Appetiser Cup is really the perfect way to cater for your event! When you don't need a sit down meal and are looking for aesthetically pleasing, delicious and filling snacks for your guests - look no further!

Here are 10 reasons why the Graze Cup is perfect for your event!

1. Perfect for events with large number of guests

If you have a large number of guests (anything over 60) oftentimes a Grazing Feasting Table is not the best option. You can provide 

graze cup table

2. Flexible

It allows your guests to feel at ease and not stuck in one place with fork and knife. They can walking around and mingle which is perfect when you would like social interaction and engagement at your event. 

3. They look incredible (obvs)!

Your guests will be mesmerised at how beautifully laid out their treats looks. Aside from looking stunning individually, you can opt to style your table with florals/ foliage for maximum impact.

grazing cup table berry and brie london

4. Value for Money

A cup filled with delicious produce and crackers that is quite filling. Instead of boring sandwiches and crisps that can end up costing more, you are sure to get the best value.

5. So Versatile

Weddings, Engagements, Corporate brunch, Yoga Morning, Birthdays, Drinks Press Events, Product Launch, Events, Drinks parties and so much more. Graze Cups are perfect for all sorts of events you may have in mind.

vegan and veg grazing cup london berry and brie

6. Cater easily for a range diets

Looking to cater for a variety of diets - we've got you! The Graze Cup comes in variety of options Veg, Vegan, Meat and Gluten Free. They will be fully labelled which means you can cater for a wide variety of preferences which is great when you need to feed a crowd. 

7. You can setup yourself 

Looking to save costs? Don't need a fully styled table with florals? Our Graze Cups can be delivered to you on a set day and time of your choice. All you need to do is pop them in the fridge or simply lay them out on the table straight away.

grazing cup delivery

8. Can be made up as Brunch, Savoury or Sweet 

Fancy something sweet? Savoury or a treat for Brunch? The Berry and Brie Graze Cup Menu has got you covered for any time of the day. 

brunch grazing cup

9. Personalise them with branding 

When you want to make extra impact and sign it off with your brand or theme, we provide the option for your graze cups to be branded. This looks super cool at events and is that added extra detail that makes the difference.

10. Quick and Fast setup 

Setting up Appetiser Graze Cups takes minutes! So if you are strapped for time, have a quick turnaround or want a fast option. Whether you are setting up yourself or our lovely team is styling your table, everything will be good to go in no time. 


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