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A Chic Solution for light Catering - think Sassy Canapés, but even better! 
Our new addition to the 2021 Graze Table Collection. Jam-packed individual, single-serve Graze Cups jam-packed with grazey goodness.

Perfect for Brand, Corporate and Press Events, Wedding Canapés, Low-Key laid back events and so much more!

  • Chic and aesthetically pleasing 
  • Perfect for socially distanced events 
  • ​Utterly delicious 
  • Easy bite snack catering 
  • Super fast setup time 
  • Easily refrigerated


The Menu 


Jam Packed with variety of cheeses (up to 4), crackers, selection of cured meats, falafel, antipasti, nuts, fresh and dried fruit and gorgeous fresh garnishes

Available as Veggie or Meat

£9.50 per cup


A delicious selection of hand-made sweet treats including Biscoff Brownie, Chocolate Tart, Lemon and Raspberry Shortbread, Flapjack, Vanilla Wafer, Dried fruit

£10.50 per cup

minimum order of 25 per selection


We would be delighted to create a gorgeous Graze Cup Display for your event!
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